Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Since I'm a big comic fan I like not only American comic, but European as well as Manga styled and Argentinean comics (called Historietas) which is logical since I'm from Argentina.

Some years ago I discovered webcomics, so I jumped in and begun reading like crazy. Styles and quality varied, and generally improved as artists found their unique voices. But there was a little problem, there were just too many webcomics, and keeping track of which to read each day, or keeping the place where you had stopped reading each one was kind of tricky.

So I discovered that fabulous thing that is the RSS feed. An RSS feed turned over the equation, since now I didn't have to remember, the sites informed me of their updates using their RSS feeds. There was still some problems with long webcomics I was reading (it takes days to go through some archives) but as they were few, I could keep the pace.

Still, there was the small problem with some great webcomics I didn't want to loose that didn't offer RSS feeds. And as those begun piling up, the problems started again, and I begun missing some series again.

One day, I stumbled upon a site called Komix. It offered an aggregator service, meaning that it listed a lot of webcomics and informs about updates. That was just what I was needing, so I signed up to test it. I fell in love.

Komix not only informs you about webcomics, it also lets you navigate through the archives (showing the entire webpage where the webcomics normally appear), but it also keeps track of the position in the archive you are in each of the webcomics you subscribe to in Komix. It's important to note that when I say it shows the entire webpage that means that it also shows every shop link, ad and everything the original creator used to get some money in it's original form, meaning that the webcomic creator gets every benefit from it.

Some time ago it almost shut down, as the creator of Komix received emails about why it was listing some webcomics. So he unlisted all and begun asking each creator if they wanted their webcomics listed in Komix. Nowadays, with more than one hundred listed and authorized webcomics, Komix shines again.

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