Monday, February 1, 2010

Changes in Project Wonderful

I have another blog, a Spanish one, called Demasiado Personal, where I have the Project wonderful ads I plan to get here sometime in the near future. Lately it seemed like the ads weren't coming at all, and I thought it was because of the world wide economic crisis. Turns out I was wrong. It had to do with a change in Project Wonderful.

The new system divides the world in four areas, 1) United States, 2) Canada 3)Europe and 4) Rest of the world. This is possible because Project Wonderful now does geoip, and through it geotargeting of their ads. So people from each area only sees the ads paid for that area.

This means that although I don't see ads in my blog, I have ads in different parts of the world, and that ads keep on making money for me. Even more, if I get ads in more than one area for the same space, I receive money from both, which is really neat. Now I have 4 ad channels in each ad space, multiplying my possibilities.

I also noticed something else, even when I got ads in other areas, I could get no ads in others, and it's a little ugly and discouraging form people to see the empty ad spaces. So I made a suggestion to Project wonderful to get the winning ad in other channel shown in empty channels, and I threw in some ideas about how to manage two winning bids in different channels (since only one can be shown for free in other areas). Ten minutes later I received an answer telling me that it was an interesting proposal and that they were going to discuss it with the development team.

Of course that made me happy, because not only I have more chances, I also have a ad supplier that knows how to listen, a rare commodity nowadays.

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