Sunday, June 14, 2009

Linux format frees cover art

Due to the ammount of people asking for it, the Linux Format magazine has decided to release it's cover art as Wallpaper. This wallpapers are freed under a Creative Commons licence, similar to the one that protects and frees this blog contents.

This licences are copyleft type, quite similar to the GNU licence, which means that as long as some simple conditions are respected, the content is completely free. So, if you respect them, you'll receive respect and confidence in return. This is what Copyleft means (which make it's opposed to copyright)

I've already downloaded and have one of this wallpapers installed. It's the wallpaper number 4 that rotates every 16 hours (this is a feature of KDE4.x, which is default in my Kubuntu). This wallpapers where you can see great artwork, with an attention to detail that adds to form the whole picture.

I highly recomend them, so visit the page where this wallpapers are released, and remember to ask for the ones you want that are still not featured, as they will add them when asked for.

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