Monday, December 15, 2008

New in Linux? Coming from Windows? Please read this.

Greetings. You are coming into a new territory. But contrary to the space you used to inhabit, that didn't belong to you, this new territory has a piece of free land with your name on it.

It sounds a little too good to be true, but it is true. There are some things we must make clear, though. This piece of land, your piece of land, is inside a really big terrain of millions of free pieces of land, each one with it's owner.

That's why now that you are moving into our neighborhood, ours, of every one of us, yourselves included, I want to tell you to pay a little attention to the way we tend to act, because if you adapt you'll have a really good time here. And we will be adapting too, you are not the only ones supposed to do so. We will also learn from your habits, and if we find some we like, we'll make it our own.

This is a weird neighborhood, in it we share our tools, and build together. It's something we do freely, without obligation, and that has a lot of benefits. We also like to teach how to use the tools, though you might want to forgive us because we sometimes use a technical language, it's what suits us more. The manuals that come with the tools are sometimes written too technically, but don't worry, there are some neighbors that are able to translate things to more human languages, you'll only have to find them.

This is a really special neighborhood, where the better builders are listened to, a sort of meritocracy. As we have one mouth and two ears, we believe it's common sense to hear twice as much as we speak, because that benefits us. We just have to remember that sometimes they don't want to talk, and that they talk for people that understand them. Once more, please don't complain. Instead, search for the neighbors that are capable of lowering that information to a more human language. That's the best for us all, this way everyone has it's own.

Please, don't demand. Nobody here owes something to you. Just ask nicely for help and you'll receive. We tend to consider important that you tried yourself to build the bed, even when now it seems no mattress will fit it's weird triangular shape. This is important, because by showing you tried and made an effort, you just climbed a few steps in this meritocracy ladder, and you helped establish some common ground to start talking, and talking leads to helping. And helping leads to a good bed to dream on.

Please, help us help you. Let's make this territory a place where every one of us can live in peace and liking it.

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