Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beating Predictions the hard way.

Back in 2006 I heard a lot of talk about 'the blog fever', stating that it was a momentary thing, and that because of the difficulty of maintaining an active blog, it was predicted that by 2008 there would be no more blogs left.

Before continuing, let me stop laughing...Thanks for waiting.

The argument sounded strange at first, but then I started thinking and found a certain logic behind those words. But that logic rests upon one single idea: that bloggers have an obligation of writing in a periodic way, and forever. It was thought that this would cause a rapid reaction of boredom, burnout, or simply cause blogers to stop seeing this as something they enjoy or a need to communicate and begin to see it as a self imposed hard work.

The idea has some merit, but all we need to tear it down is to take a little step to the side, and do as I did. I stopped writing when I didn't feel like it, or when I didn't have things internally processed enough to pour them here. I started writing again when I found things I wanted to talk about, when I felt I needed to write again.

Is so simple as remembering that the blog is, after all, absolute property of the blogger, and even when readers can feel it as their own thing, it isn't. That's why promises of writing with a certain rhythm shouldn't be made, because eventually we'll find it will be impossible for us to keep the rhythm. It's far better to clarify things beforehand and write only when you should. This way we can guarantee something far more important: a higher quality content.

Because as everybody knows, quality almost always beats quantity.

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